Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Faspro's Past and Future Trade Shows

This blog post is a trade show special. Since the last post, we have been to three shows around the country and are preparing to attend at a fourth. Going to trade shows is a great way to find both vendors and potential prospects. Even in small shows, there can potentially be thousands of people walking through from all manner of businesses: suppliers, consumers, consultants, government officials, manufacturers’ reps, and more.

Exhibiting at a trade show can be more profitable than simply walking through one for a variety of reasons:

  •  The opportunity to speak to many more potential clients rather than only the ones who are exhibiting.
  •  The advertising potential from exposure in trade show magazines and other advertising media.
  • The opportunity to make a brand name for the company in markets where you can choose what association people make with your company.

For these reasons, Faspro Technologies has been attending trade shows since we opened our doors. We have only as of this year begun exhibiting at shows.  This decision has been highly beneficial to us and we will continue to exhibit at industry focused trade shows and events in the future.

The following is a list of our future appearances and of our recently attended shows where we exhibited or attended:

Near Future Exhibitions

Fabtech                                    Nov. 18-21, 2013         (Chicago, IL)
MD&M West                             Feb. 10-13, 2014          (Anaheim, CA)
MD&M East                               June 10-12, 2014         (New York, NY)

Previously Attended Conventions

MD&M East                                             (Philadelphia, PA)
MD&M Chicago                                      (Chicago, IL)
Milwaukee Manufacturers’ Expo            (Milwaukee, WI)
SMTA Trade Show                                 (Fort Worth, TX)
Made in Elk Grove                                 (Elk Grove Village, IL)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Welcome to Faspro Technologies

Faspro Technologies began as a small fabrication company in 1995. After getting a start in the telecom industry, Faspro expanded to multiple industries including; medical, aerospace, automotive, and electronics. Now we focus in the fabrication of thin gauge metals, as well as small to medium duty assemblies.

Our management team has over 100 years of combined experience in the manufacturing industry which contributes greatly to providing a fast cycle time for our customer’s projects. Our senior production staff has been with Faspro Technologies for over 15 years and has developed the techniques for speed and accuracy in our products.

I entered this company in the summer of 2005 as a Set-up Operator. Since then, I am proud to say that not only has Faspro expanded its operations to service corporations on an international scale. I was fortunate enough to grow with the company during this time.

We set this blog up to provide our community with news and updates to what’s going on at Faspro. We would like to share with you our new ideas and capabilities, as well as receive comments and feedback from you all in hopes that we can improve our business even more.

Vadim Shkarovsky
Marketing Associate